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Dr. Daniel R. Boone
show you how to find and use your natural voice
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The treatment of voice disorders has been the specialty of
Dr.Daniel R. Boone for over a life-time career. His voice books and
voice therapy programs are used not only in the United States
but throughout the world.

Dr. Boone is a Professor Emeritus in the Speech, Language, and
Hearing Department at the University of Arizona. He is a former
President of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association,
receiving both Fellowship and Honors from that organization. He
serves on editorial boards of many journals and contributes
regularly to clinical voice research. He is in private practice in
Tucson, Arizona, specializing in voice, accent, stuttering, and
neurogenic speech/voice disorders.

His long interest and success in voice therapy can be seen in:

  • Over 100 journal publications
  • His fifteen books
  • His clinical voice programs, one for children & one for adults
  • His speech/voice therapy instrument, the Facilitator
  • His voice consultations and voice private practice
  • His talks, lectures, demonstrations, and workshops

2008 D. R. Boone, Tucson, Arizona - boonvoz@msn.com

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